Buffalo Killers "Heavy Reverie" Bundle (040)

    Buffalo Killers "Heavy Reverie" Bundle (040)

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    Product Description

    The Buffalo Killers "Heavy Reverie" Limited Edition Bundle, includes an autographed album cover and one of a kind, hand drawn artwork by the Buffalo Killers on an early test pressing on vinyl. With this limited edition bundle you will recieve a retail version of "Heavy Reverie" on vinyl (in additon to the vinyl test pressing), a "Heavy Reverie" CD, a black or white t-shirt of the album cover, an 18" x 24" poster of the album cover, an immediate digital download of the "Heavy Reverie" album and an exclusive digital download of the song "Don't Cry To Me", not available on any other Buffalo Killers release.

    Artist: Buffalo Killers
    Title: Heavy Reverie
    Genre: Rock/Alternative
    Sub Genre: Indie
    Parental Advisory: No

    Track Listing

    1. Poison Berry Tide
    2. Dig On In
    3. This Girl Has Grown
    4. Cousin Todd
    5. Sandbox
    6. Who You Are?
    7. Grape Peel (How I Feel)
    8. Louder Than Your Lips
    9. Shake
    10. January

    Includes The Following:

    • Vinyl Test Pressing (Numbered and has unique hand drawn artwork).
    • Autographed Vinyl Jacket
    • CD
    • Vinyl (Retail Version)
    • Immediate Digital Download of Full Album
    • Digital Download of "Don't Cry To Me" (not available on any Buffalo Killers album release).
    • T-shirt (choice of black or white version).
    • 18" x 24" Poster