He Is Legend "It Hates You" Vinyl

    He Is Legend "It Hates You" Vinyl

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    Product Description

    He Is Legend "It Hates You" Vinyl Album.

    Artist: He Is Legend
    Title:It Hates you
    Genre: Rock
    Parental Advisory: No
    Runtime: 57min
    Double Vinyl Album

    Track Listing

    1. Dicephalous
    2. Party Time!
    3. Everyone I Know Has Fangs
    4. The Primarily Blues
    5. Cult of She
    6. Stranger Danger
    7. Don't Touch That Dial
    8. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
    9. Future's Bright, Man
    10. China White III
    11. That's Nasty
    12. Mean Shadows

    Includes The Following:

    • "It Hates You" Vinyl (Retail Version).