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Pathways "Diamond" Bundle

    Pathways "Diamond" Bundle

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    Product Description

    The Pathways "Diamond" bundle, includes the Dies Irae album on CD + a digital download of the entire album by Pathways. Also, you'll receive an immediate digital download of the track "Miserae" today, by Pathways.

    Artist: Pathways
    Title: Dies Irae
    Genre: Rock
    Parental Advisory: No

    Track Listing

    1. Days of Wrath
    2. Miserae
    3. Thirst For War
    4. Famine
    5. Extinguish the Stars
    6. Days of Wrath (instrumental)
    7. Miserae (instrumental)
    8. Thirst For War (instrumental)
    9. Famine (instrumental)
    10.Extinguish the Stars (instrumental)

    Includes The Following:

    • One (1) "Diamond" Shirt (Black)
    • One (1) Dies Irae CD (Retail Album)
    • Digital Download of the album Dies Irae.
    • One (1) Immediate Digital Download of the song "Miserae".