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Tara Hawley "Stay Awhile" Autographed CD

    Tara Hawley "Stay Awhile" Autographed CD

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    Tara Hawley "Stay Awhile" cd.

    Artist:Tara Hawley
    Title: Stay Awhile
    Genre: Adult Contempory, Jazz-Pop
    Parental Advisory: No

    Track Listing

    1. Stay Awhile
    2. Falling Apart
    3. My Something Different
    4. You Love Me Anyhow
    5. What It Means To Be Loved
    6. Here We Are
    7. Every Day
    8. In Front Of My Eyes
    9. Ready to Give You Love
    10. All That Matters Now
    11. Seems Like Rain
    12. In Front Of My Eyes (a cappella mix)


    Includes The Following:

    • "Stay Awhile" Autographed CD ONLY
    • Immediate digital download of "Ready To Give You Love".