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    DC Carnes

    D.C. Carnes pays homage to the greats with his new album Delta Crossroads - Vol. II. In particular, it’s a tribute and a way of giving thanks to his mentor and longtime bandmate the legendary Robert Lockwood Jr.

    Delta Crossroads - Vol. II is a follow-up to Lockwood’s 2000 album Delta Crossroads. Carnes covers nine classic blues songs, including one (“I Got to Find Me a Woman”) written by Lockwood himself.

    Carnes met Lockwood at the beginning of the ‘90s when they played a show together, then Lockwood invited him to audition for his band. Carnes would go on to play guitar with Lockwood's band for fifteen years along with other greats such as keyboardist Robert “Red Top” Young, Wallace Coleman, Gene Schwartz, Maurice Reedus Sr., Gus Hawkins, and Benny Mostella.